Do you know, What is Load Testing?..

What is Load Testing?….

Performance Testing

How Load Testing is important?..

  1. Load testing simulates real user scenarios
  2. Code change could affect the performance of the application
  3. Load testing saves money and indirectly generates revenue
  1. lost $780,000 in sales in just 3 hours when the site was down during a promotion in 2015
  2. When servers crashed in 2013 for 30 minutes, Amazon lost $66,240 per minute.
  3. According to a survey, 75% of users said that if a site crashed or if it was slow, they would leave the site
  4. 50% of the users said that they will shop elsewhere if the website or app did not load in 3 seconds

Advantages of Load Testing….

  1. Issues related to performance and bottlenecks could be identified before production
  2. The system’s scalability is improved in terms of database, software, network etc.
  3. There is the minimization of the risk associated with downtime of the application/system
  4. The cost of failure is reduced and the satisfaction of the customer is increased

Disadvantages of Load Testing….

  1. Testers need knowledge of tools and in some complex cases, the programming languages to perform load testing
  2. There is a significant cost associated with load testing as tools may be expensive, additional resources with special knowledge of the testing tools may be required
  1. Apache JMeter..
Apache JMeter
Gatling Tool



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Chathuri Kaushalya Thambugala

Chathuri Kaushalya Thambugala

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